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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Demo Reel

I figured it was time for a new demo reel. I put some of the recent stuff I've been working on, on it. There's no sound, my internet is so slow, it takes long enough to upload without it, and is superfluous anyway.

= Reel Breakdown =

Cave Girl - Responsible for Design; Modeling and UVing (Maya 2008); Rigging and Animating (3ds Max 2011)

Giraffe - Responsible for Modeling, UVing, Texture Mapping, Rigging and Animating (Maya 2008)

Pulse!! Game - In game animation, Responsible for Rigging and Animation (3ds Max 8); exporting to Gamebryo Game Engine

BaIt - Student film, Responsible for Bat rigging (Maya 8.0)

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